Petals Zero Risk Partnership

Start a preschool and daycare franchise that brings uniformity and success to your doorstep! The Petals Preschool Zero-Risk Partnership Model is one of India's most trusted franchise models, focusing on brand partners' parallel growth. We are here to build a community of edupreneurs who can set themselves on a path of guaranteed success with our guidance. With a proven business model and dedication to excellence, you'll find prosperity and fulfillment when you open a play school franchise with Petals.


~30–40% ROI

Our business approach is optimized for unrivaled facilities, delivering over 40% ROI for our branch partners.


100 Admissions Guaranteed

We're not just opening the educational doors; we're guaranteeing 100 admissions in 24 months, ensuring a thriving future for all.


Shortfall Compensation

If we fail to meet our admission targets, we will compensate ₹25k for each failure.


Buyback Guarantee

Petals believes in collective growth. As a result, if Petals is unable to meet all of its commitments, you have the option to exit under the terms of the buyback contract.


Recruitment and Training

Our HR Team will hand over the resumes of the best prospects for appointing teachers with ECCE training.


Promotions and Marketing

We provide our partners with complete professional promotions and marketing, saving your efforts and expenses and letting you focus on the quality of education.


Assistance in Operations

From site search to conducting timely audits, we ensure that all our centers meet our educational performance standards.


Risk Protection

We're your guardians! We create a secure haven where your investment flourishes and your dreams are safeguarded, knowing we've got your back every step of the way.

One-Time Agreement

One-Time Agreement

We offer our franchise partners a one-time agreement, forging a lasting partnership based on faith and shared vision.

Technology-Enabled Operation

Technology-Enabled Operation

We're delivering a future-proof investment where we empower our franchise partners with all the modern and innovative technology.

Benefits of Partnering With Us


Live CCTV Feed

Real-time LIVE CCTV streaming, ensuring a transparent educational experience for parents.


UK-based EYFS Curriculum

Structured curriculum, ensuring that children have the knowledge and skills they need to start formal schooling.


Brain Aptitude Test (USA Patent)

DMIT gives crisp, actionable insights and appropriate career recommendations for your child.


HARVARD Research Pedagogy

Practices and strategies from the classroom to the staffroom to support playful learning.


Child's Safety and Hygiene

Prioritizing your child’s well-being by implementing stringent security and sanitary educational protocols.


Meal plans by AIIMS-certified nutritionist

Customized meals for each child's specific needs, providing them with a healthy nutritious diet.


Instant updates on the Parents App

Stay connected with your child's early learning journey and receive real-time updates, photos, and progress reports.


Pause Policy

Introducing Pause Policy, where the power to pause rests in your hands.


SED Connect

A special bonding activity relieves parent and child separation anxiety.


Not satisfied? Don't pay.

Parents are entitled to a fee reimbursement if they are genuinely dissatisfied with their child's development in a day.

Our offerings for partners

Tailored offerings that help you grow with zero risk. We are here to build a community.


Property Search


Coaching & Guidance


Branch Setup


Uninterrupted Customer Care


Complete Marketing Support


Petals Management System


Staff Recruitment & Training


Dedicated Parent Lesioning Managers

About Petals

In the world of early childhood education, one name stands out like a radiant Sun: Petals Preschool & Daycare, an embodiment of excellence and a true pioneer in nurturing the tender little ones of our nation's future. Petals has established a time-tested legacy of educational excellence that spans several years. Through its 20+ years of experience, it has demonstrated a deep understanding of early childhood development, implementing Harvard research-based pedagogical practices that align with modern technology. We believe in nurturing young minds with an educational philosophy that ignites curiosity and holistically develops the child. The track record of success and continuous improvement sets Petals apart as a frontrunner in the field.

The most significant contributors to our hustle have been Petals Preschool & Daycare Branch Partners. Furthermore, we are excited to collaborate with other entrepreneurs who share our fundamental values. Our ultimate goal is for all of our stakeholders to grow in lockstep.

Our Team

The Driving Force behind Petals' Success

Partner's Testimonials

Some of the frequently asked questions

No, owning a property to start a preschool is not required. You can also begin with a decent and suitable rental place. Petals also offer property hunting assistance.

2500-3000 sq. ft. with two floors is preferable, which includes ground & first floor or ground floor & basement. It should include 5 rooms, a hall, a play area, and adequate parking space.

The operational expenses begin from the first month and will cover staff salaries, electricity rent, and maintenance. All the other necessary details will be discussed in a personal meeting.

Although we handle all primary duties such as property search, assistance with interior designing, guaranteed admissions, counseling sessions, training, recruitment, and uninterrupted customer care, we ensure that our performance standards are always attained, and franchises abide by all operating protocols.

Having stated that, we provide complete assistance and handholding. However, responsibility and ownership are solely in the hands of the Franchise Partner.

Yes, we do assist you with all post-school activities. Please discuss this thoroughly while signing up.

We offer:

  • The Preschool / Play School Programe
  • Full - Daycare Services
  • After-School Care Programme
  • Parent Toddler Programme

We provide Daycare because of its increased demand in the market. This is an opportunity to provide all services under one roof while also building trust and retaining children for a longer period of time as a franchise owner.

In reality, it is not as high as it seems. We have included all the required expenses you may spend so that you do not exceed the budget and can confidently manage your business. Our investment consists of the following components:

  • Franchise fee valid for 9 years
  • Infrastructure and ambiance configuration
  • Rental security deposits
  • Brokerage
  • Lease Registration
  • Working Capital
  • First-year loss

Performance standards are established to ensure "no leakage" in the system, allowing franchises to deliver high-quality services and operate effectively, facilitating them to achieve ROI quickly and easily. Franchises will be properly trained so that they can meet all performance benchmarks.

Petals understand how important it is to provide initial hand-holding, so they provide extensive support, as detailed below:

  • Property Search
  • Infrastructure, Ambiance, and Branch Setup
  • All marketing Costs are to be borne by Petals
  • Staff Recruitment & Ongoing Training
  • Uninterrupted Customer Care
  • Dedicated Parent Liaison Officer

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I understand that Petals Franchise budget is in the range of 35 to 40 Lakhs+

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