80-160% Higher Returns

You will get 80-160% higher returns than any other preschool Franchise, If you choose Petals

Admission Guarantee

We guarantee for 100 Admissions*

End-to-End Support

We support on every stage. Establishment to marketing.

30% ROI

We assure you the best & optimzed returns with an investment of 30-40 Lacs

Minimum-Risk Model

It is a tried and tested model, also our franchisors always have our back; so there is minimum or no-risk involved

Buy-Back Contract

We will be there to bear your losses. In case you want to quit for a reason. We will buy it from you.

Be Our Branch Partners

The right path to discover your odyssey as an entrepreneur if you have a passion for education and love for kids.

Petals Preschool & Daycare invites Ambitious Females to be an entrepreneur of emerging India, by holding hands as offering opportunity to be our Branch Partner under the Re-defined Petals Preschool Franchise model. 

Deciding Factors to Sign a Preschool Franchise

Know Us, Before You Choose Us

Before you sign Petals Franchise, know what we offer

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Best Return On Investment

The Petals Preschool and Daycare business model is optimized for unmatched facilities, grabbing approximately 30% ROI for our branch partners.

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100% Transparency:

Petals believe in 100% transparency. We are impeccable; No hidden cost, no last-minute surprise, the only truth that prevails.

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Admission Guarantee:

There are no false promises in the name of marketing support; we guarantee 100 admissions in the first two years.

If we cannot fulfill, we will compensate 25k for every shortfall.

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2 Years Buyback Contract:

If the circumstances do not favor you, there is always a choice to bail out through buyback contract.


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End-to-End Support:

A Cradle to the grave!!
Petals Preschool Franchises always have our back. From providing the pen to sign the franchise document till the last day you retire from your journey, we offer second to none support.

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How Petals Preschool Franchise Model is Unique?

Petals Preschool Franchise Model is Unique because the entire model is designed keeping in mind the unsurpassed success of the franchisee.
We ensure that all our branches propel with time, and to make the desire come true, we provide uninterrupted support to our branch partners.

100 Admissions in First 24 Months


~ 30% ROI


Recruitment and Training Support

₹ 25,000 Per Admission Shortfall

Marketing and Promotions

Technology-Enabled Operations

Buy-Back Guaranteed

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What is Petals?

Run By Parent Coach & Child Psychologist

Petals is a chain of the most-trusted preschool and daycare centers across India. We are proliferating in different parts of the country because of:

Our Franchisee Differentiators

18+ Years Experience


Transforming early-year childcare

Parallel growth of all our branch partners

End-to-End Support

Optimized Profit

Petals Branch Partnership Program is one of the best business models for entrepreneurs who have love for education and care for kids.
Does the opportunity interest you?

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A Glance of Our Preschool & Daycare Attributes:


  • Live CCTV Access (Regular Updates)
  • Visitor Management System
  • Face Recognition Entry-Exit

Holistic Development:

  • SED Connect (Social-Emotional Development)
  • Experiential Learning
  • US-Patent Brain Aptitude Test

Food and Nutrition:

  • 4-Meal Plan
  • Designed By Pediatric Nutritionist (AIIMS)
  • Balanced-Diet


Years Experience
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10+ States

Branch Centers
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15,000 +

Trusted Parents
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51 +

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2 Countries

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Contribution To Society

Holistic Development

Perks For Petals Branch Partner

100% Marketing

Admission Guarantee

25K/ Admission Shortfall

Trusted-Business Model

Buyback Guarantee

Low-Risk Opportunity

Optimized - Returns

Recession-Free Business

Petals Franchise Sign-Up Process

Its a three-steps effortless sign-up process. The best part of signing Petals Preschool Franchise is high clarification and minimum confusion. You do not have to undergo multiple, mystifying procedures.

Step 1: Creating the Relationship

  • Initiate

Once you enquire and share your expression of interest, we invite you for a formal meeting. In this meeting, we share:

  • Who we are & Our brand value
  • Our legacy
  • Requirements & Benefits of Alliance
  • Complicity and hand-holding offered

After sharing the complete details at our end, we will answer all your queries.

Sign Up

Step- 2: Alignment & Understanding

  • Sign Up

After the inquiry, you will be aware of all the prerequisites for signing the Petals Branch Partnership Program. You will be wholly acknowledged to:

  • Evaluate
  • Analyze, and
  • Inquire

before signing the franchise. 

Once you are satisfied and have answers to all your queries, you can proceed with signing the MOU.

Step-3: Transformation Begins

  • All Set!

Once you sign-up for the franchise agreement, our team stands by you for onset and execution. We assist you in:

· Finalizing the location
· Branch Set up
· Recruitment & Training
· Audit & Great Launch


We support you in the grand launch of your center, leaving no stone unturned in online and offline marketing. Kick-start your preschool and daycare journey by welcoming the tiny tots to your educational institute.

All Set!

Petals Branch Partnership At a Glance

Essential Traits to Sign Petals Preschool Franchise:

Every business model has some prerequisites to get the desired results. There are minimal requirements for associating with Petals.

Trusted Parents




Square Feet
~ 30-40

Privileges of Grabbing The Petals Branch Partnership

Petals Preschool and Daycare offers the best returns on your investment. You can expect:


 Higher Profit


Returns on Investment

Up to 80%

Buyback after 2 Years

Buyback At 4 Times Profit

After 3 Years

Our Team
Creative People at one place

Pillars of Petals

preeti kwatra petals preschool
Director Preeti Kwatra
pawan kwatra petals preschool
Director Pawan Kwatra
Bhoomika Jain Mehra petals preschool
Head Training & Development Bhoomika Jain Mehra
devkant sharma petals
VP Business Acquisition Devkant Sharma
naveen malik petals
Head Digital Marketing Naveen Malik
VP IT Amit Kumar

Investing in Petals Preschool Franchise was the best decision I could ever make. From day 1 of signing up for the MOU to date, I never struggled. Everything went smoothly, and I can trust them blindly. I never expected that I could progress to such heights in a short span of time. Thank you, team Petals, for sharing such a secure business opportunity for me.

petals happy franchise
Mr Vaibhav Batra
Manesar Branch

The best thing about joining hands with Petals, apart from financial stability, is the contribution that I can make to early-year education. It feels great to get appreciation from parents often for drastic improvement in their child.
I cannot think of a better start to my educational-entrepreneurial journey.

petals happy franchise delhi
Ms Archana
Sukh Vihar Branch
Know Petals Franchise Model Better

We Are Ready To Answers Your Queries

Is it essential to own a property to start a preschool?

No, it is not essential. You can also choose to start with a good and suitable rented location. Petals provide property search support for no cost.

Why is Petals Preschool and Daycare franchise Investment is high?

It only appears high but actually not. We have just shown all the necessary expenses you may incur so that you are not short of budgets and can run your business with peace of mind. Our Investment Includes:

  • The franchise fee for 9 years
  • Infra and ambience setup
  • Rental deposits
  • Brokerage
  • Lease registration
  • Working Capital
  • First-year loss.
What is the meaning of Tech-Enabled Preschool and how it help a franchisee?

Petals rely largely on technology to offer smooth and transparent operations to benefit both Parent and franchise partners. Like:

  • Parent Connect Mobile App
  • Live CCTV streaming
  • Visitor Management system
  • Interactive and user friendly dashboard
  • Daily updates on mobile
  • Biometric access control
  • One click payment system and Invoicing and much more 
What are the performance standards and why is it important?

Performance standards are made to ensure “No leakage” in the system, enabling franchisees to deliver high quality and perform well. Proper training will be given to franchisees so that they easily meet all performance standards.

What programs are offered in the “Petals Branch Partnership”?

Petals operates from 9am to 6.30pm to generate optimum results from the rented location. 

We offer:

Preschool program 9 am to 12.30 pm

Full Daycare program 9 am to 6.30 pm

After School program1.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

What support a franchisee will get if he takes Petals franchisee?

Petals understand how important it is to do the hand holding in the initial time so petals provide extensive support as detailed below:

  • Property search 
  • Infrastructure, Ambience and branch setup
  • All Marketing cost to be borne by Petals
  • Staff Recruitment and all types of training
  • Uninterrupted Customer care
  • Dedicated Parent Liasioning Manager
What makes the “Petals Branch Partnership” program special and unique?

Petals very strongly believe that a true relationship stands on supporting each other and not on the blame game. Our unique differentiators are:

  • Admission Guarantee
  • Buyback guarantee
  • Admission shortfall compensation
  • No fear of business loss
  • Interactive and user friendly dashboard
  • High Return on Investment and much more
Why do Petals charge high revenue share (royalty) ?

Petals revenue share is not high rather it is very reasonable with the kind of guarantees and risk protection it offers. Normally competition charges around 18% of the royalty plus GST which makes it around 21%. Along with this,   you need to spend as much as 10% to 12% on the marketing and sales that means the total outflow from franchisee pocket is around 31%. At Petals you need not to pay for marketing and sales and you will be able to charge a higher fee.

Why Petals?

Petals Preschool and Daycare is a visionary startup focused on the holistic development of children.


happy parents with preschool franchise


We understand the dilemma in working mothers choosing between work and early-year childcare; our Preschool and Daycare Centres are focused on resolving their issues.


90% of the child’s brain develops in the first 1000 days; Petals Preschool Franchise aims that no child shall ever be left unattended during the crucial growth period.


The most important one is that all our stakeholders receive optimized returns, and every contributor in our success journey has their share.


We believe, only a,

‘Happy parent can nurture a happy child.’

So, we put all our efforts into delivering satisfaction to parents by being their guardian angel in the journey of parenthood.


The Preschool and Daycare Market is expected to grow approximately 735.15 million dollars by 2026.

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